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For your convenience, this section contains general information about Challenger Lighting Company products. We’ve also included tips about ADA requirements, chandelier and ceiling mounting, and more. Of course, if you still have questions, just ask us!

All Lamps

Hardwire Dimming Requirements: Technology is rapidly changing in lamping, creating some uncertainty when specifying dimming requirements. Consult with your electrical engineer on the lighting control (dimming system) that will be used before specifying dimming requirements.

Diffusers: To conceal lamping, diffuse hot spots or minimize bugs or debris, a diffuser may be added to most portable or hardwire fixtures, depending upon lamping specified.

An acrylic diffuser at the top or bottom of your fixture in gloss or frosted opal/white with a coordinating lock-up knob is available.

Perforated metal can be supplied in metallic, white, or painted to desired finish.

Portable Table, Desk, Workstation & Floor Lamps

Challenger Lighting Company offers you the flexibility to add workstation features to table and desk lamps. Likewise, workstations can have features removed.

Electrical cord:

  • SPT-2 105° wire – standard
    Colors available for SPT-2: clear gold, clear silver, black, brown, white
  • SVT-3 105° wire – used in conjunction with grounding requirements
    Colors available: black or clear/silver
  • SVT-3 105° wire – Hospital Grade
    Colors available: gray

Additional Features Guide 

Length of cord:

  • Standard length is 8' to 10' starting at the end of the base with a molded polarized plug. You may specify a shorter cord, however UL requires a 5' minimum length for all portable lamps.


  • E26, E12, GU24, 4-Pin

Switches on Sockets, Fixtures & Cords:

  • Dimmer Switch
  • On/Off Switch
  • Pull Chain Switch
  • Push Button Switch
  • Push Through Switch
  • Rocker Switch
  • Rotary Dial Switch
  • Toggle Switch

Additional Features Guide 


  • Full base pads of felt or non-skid material will be applied to the underside of bases to protect surfaces on all table, desk or workstation lamps.
  • Bolt down w/ extender may be added to secure a table lamp to a surface such as table top or top of nightstand.
  • Please specify cord exit location CER (Cord Exit Rear) or CEB (Cord Exit Bottom) and surface thickness.
  • Floor lamps have a weighted non-marking base and will meet all UL tilt testing requirements.

Workstation features (WA):

  • Base switch, grounded convenience outlet(s) & USB port can often be added to most lighting fixtures, please contact us for further information.

Convenience Outlet (CO):

  • Specify (1) or (2) three-prong electrical outlets located at the base of the lamp.
  • Requires a 1 3/4” base height
  • Includes 18-gauge SVT-3 cord set with 3-prong grounded plugs. All convenience outlets should be protected by the appropriate circuit breaker.
  • Typical capacity = 9 amps (cell phone and laptop), will bear UL sticker:


Wall Fixtures/Sconces

In most cases, these fixtures can be ordered either hardwired directly into an electrical junction box or pin-up (portable) utilizing a 10' clear electrical cord with a molded polarized plug and matching 24" cord cover. Please specify hardwire or pin-up with switching requirements.

Specify standard wall switch (hard-wired) or switch on body or backplate:

Push thru standard, also available: on/off rotary, on/off toggle (ADA compliant), on/off push (ADA compliant), rectangle rocker, round rocker, on/off rocker in-line switch.

Electrical cord standard is SPT-2 105°

  • Color options — clear gold, clear silver, black, brown, white
  • Cord cover — optional for portable:
  • 3/8" round 24" length (standard)
  • 3/8" round 30" or 36" length
  • 3/8" round 48" length (2 sections) with connector
  • ½" x ½" channel cord cover for wall lamp, specify 24", 30", or 36" length
  • ½" x ½" channel cord cover for wall lamp, 48"
  • Convenience outlets, USB port, or LED reading lamps can often be added to your wall lamp, please contact us for further information.
  • Shade type & color can be changed to meet your requirements.

Wall/Sconce ADA Requirements:

  • Fixtures mounted 6'-8" AFF or below cannot extend out past 4" from the wall unless mounted over a counter, table, etc. Please review with an ADA consultant for more information.

Ceiling Lamps

Standard installation is hard-wired directly in an electrical junction box (j-box), please contact us for a non-traditional installation.

Specification tips for ceiling fixtures:

  • Review sprinkler head locations
  • Specify voltage requirements 120-volt or 277-volt system

Review installation requirements:

  • When specifying large chandeliers review door openings
  • Before selecting the fixture, always determine the size of the doorways that the fixture will go through and note restrictions on specs. Also note size restrictions on loading docks, freight elevators, and entry to the installation area.

Consider relamping requirements—removable bottom acrylics often allow for simple future relamping.

Mounting details:

  • Check the ceiling height of the space to determine proper mounting applications. Typically, the bottom of the fixture must yield at least 8 feet above finished floor.
  • Solid rod, stem, or cable can be specified. However, use of a solid rod or stem will make field adjustment difficult if the specified ceiling height changes during construction.
  • Cable or chain is recommended when the ceiling height is unknown

Canopy requirements:

  • Lightweight fixtures (50 lbs or less) require mounting directly to a junction box with (2) 8-32 mounting screws into finished ceiling
  • Medium-weight fixtures require a 3/8" threaded rod secured to the above existing structure and must extend 1" below finished ceiling
  • Heavyweight fixtures require a 1/2" threaded rod secured to the above existing structure
  • Fixtures that span long distances require multiple threaded rods

Vanity Fixtures

Hardwired for installation directly into an electrical junction box.

Backplates are corrosion resistant with interiors painted white to maximize light output and feature a multi-position universal star pattern for outlet box connection.

Lamp type:

  • Specify standard wall switch (hard-wired) or switch on body or backplate

Sizes shown can often be modified depending upon the available lamp size. Please contact us for suggestions.


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